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Originally Posted by Crashalotjoe View Post
Luca seemed to indicate that he has reproduced the problem (presumably in Vietnam) so it would seem possible to have the same failures even in warm conditions. I agree though, the problem may well be exacerbated by colder temperatures.

I do think that there needs to be a more fool proof fix to this. Relying on people following a series of, lets face it, abnormal set up instructions is not a recipe for success or happy customers because, inevitably, they wonít. Having setup literally dozens of heliís and being confident that the standard processes work well, it would not occur to me that the tail travel needs to be artificially limited to make this thing work.

The use of CF blades may be a solution but that doesnít stop people from fitting nylon blades in the future (they are cheaper and often more colourful so appeal to many).

Unfortunately, unless this can be attributed to faulty blades, the only proper solution is to change the mechanical geometry and/or the tail ratios available to keep the stresses imparted on the tail blades in line with those of other heliís on the market.
He actually says this in his written setup instructions. He says that the tail performance is too high for plastic blades and that if you use plastic blades, you need to reduce the travel.

That's all well and good but that means that a stronger non-plastic blade needs to be included in the kit that's capable of it's own tail performance. The fix he posted is temporary for those blades already out there but he should probably send adequate blades to registered owners and replace those in future kits.

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