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Originally Posted by jrman83 View Post
Unless I missed it, I didn't see anything in Luca's setup info that was out of the ordinary of any setup. Most people I believe adjust for max travel of their tail servo but this is not correct. There is such a thing as too much travel. He is giving you the info for the precise adjustment. If you want to run it maxed and not adjust as he has posted, then you are free to buy your own blades to accommodate your settings.
I've setup many, many different helis and it's standard max the travel to binding and back off a few clicks. This is the standard instructions for all the FBL systems ive used as well.

I agree, there may just be too much travel for any tail blade to handle which means a revision to the tail assembly should be made to shorten the throw.

He could just revise the manual and require 80% of physical throw but it's not going to be the norm for a heli build.

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