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Default Loctite 648 removal

...Sooo, I crashed my V2 conversion

The loctite 648 that MA recommends to assembly the V2 TT really works. Its true that the screw on the TT end is really just a backup now, that stuff is not coming off under normal use.

I learned the following trying to repair this crash - be CAREFUL removing them if you hope to save and reuse the fittings. 648 is resistant to most solvents. From my reading about the only thing that will work is CA debonder (which is nitromethane).

Heat is a better option, but you have to get it over 250C (500F). I tried a DeWalt contractors heat gun (1500w) and it did nothing. Had to get out the pocket torch. Heat the tube on either side of the fitting until the loctite starts smoking and then you can slide the parts off with thick gloves.

Be careful, and resist the temptation to yank them off with pliers... I had to on one of them and bent it (once hot everything gets very soft).

Once the fittings are off, luckily most of the residue seemed to stick to the tube, so getting them on a new tube should not be hard.

BTW - odds are you are going to destroy the bearings, so have some spares on hand. I need to check with Josef what the size is of the 131-485.
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