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The simplest way to determine if you have more one way or the other is to put the helicopter in throttle hold, first and foremost. Once you have done that, set the throttle stick to the mid position. Swing both blades so that you can bring the tips close together. If they are on the same plane, nothing needs to be done. If one is high and the other is low, then you will need to adjust all three swash servo links one way or the other so that the blade tips end up on the same level. To check this, hang the blades vertical and towards the ground so that gravity does not have as much effect on where the two blades sit in relationship to each other. This is a fast and somewhat crude way to measure this but it does work. Afterwards, you should have pretty much the same pitch positive and negative, when in Mode 2 and 3. In all modes, full pitch up is always 100% unless you have reset the endpoints. Hope this helps.

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