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thx guys. I think so. I dont have a digital pitch guage to measure accurate numbers. TH hold, set pitch to 0-25-50-75-100. Throttle stick at mid-point, swing both blades tips together, they are in same plane.

Push throttle stick all the way up, distance between two blades tips are around 4.25 inch. Push throttle stick all the way down, distance is 3.9 or 4.00 inch. Are they suppose to be same distance?
Just make sure that the you are in full agility (3D) flight mode. I would say that the pitch, and hence distance between the blade tips, should be the same in positive and negative pitch. I do this with the blade tips over the tail so the feathering shaft is at 90 degrees across the helicopter.

Also make sure that the blades are straight when you look along them. Some of the plastic blades can take on a bit of a set. Finally if you are doing this exercise nip up the blade bolts to take out any slack at the grips but when flying I make sure that the blades are free to rotate in the grips and move without resistance, but not slack.
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