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reviving this thread a little. I use liftoff and I've really been happy with it. I could fly very confidently in self level and LOS before but wanted to learn fpv. I could control my helis in acro (but I wouldnt call it comfortable). I began fpv by picking up an inductrix plus plus and a headset to fly with, I was hooked but needed a sim to really help me practice for long periods of time (more than 12 minutes) I got the velocidrone demo and was a little overwhelmed as fpv itself was a huge step from my comfort zone even in self level. I purchased liftoff and I had been hitting it hard for 2 weeks now. I've gotten so much more confident and comfortable, and I can fly around in fpv acro fairly confidently. When I first started their tutorials I had much trouble just hovering in acro. As I grow more in my abilities I intend on purchasing velocidrone as well as it is also a great sim.
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