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What Change
Come on
Enquiring Minds Want To Know
Hello my friend!

You know I am a huge fan of Velos Rotors and what the Velos 880 and Velos UAV represent for the future.
So it won't be a surprise to see my next single rotor acquisition to advance my dreams, the Velos UAV.

For me it's a step in the right direction after experiencing the Velos 880 and what it can do.
With my current plan of using Velos as a spray platform for cleaning building exteriors, roofs and spraying insecticide on ornamental trees, the Velos UAV is more adaptive.

The large cargo rail on the belly is ready for whatever I want to mount there be it a new version of my spray boom or any other equipment my mind will dream up in the future and trust me I am an avid dreamer.

The larger fuselage interior can house more equipment and batteries which will allow longer flight times on the job.
...and to me its just drop dead gorgeous.

So these things take time.
Once the new model is built by Velos and I take delivery, I will be looking to redesign my spray boom setup for the cargo rail.
Then add a video setup to allow me to see my target spray area better at higher elevations.

Then lots of flight time with photo ops and video.
Should be a great summer!

As the old saying goes..."When one door closes, another door opens."
But in my case with Velos 880 and Velos UAV it can be said..."When one door opens, other doors will open, just keep walking forward."
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