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Long-time competitive racer here,

DRL feels absolutely nothing like any real race quad you would (hopefully) ever have to race. I have been a finalist in the last 2 MGP nationals, and in 2016 I was the nation #1 seed going into nats. and I will tell you, I cannot fly the DRL sim for ****. It feels like flying a boat with no rudder, honestly.

I have come to see the value of a sim much more since I got into helis, but the real way to improve is get a good batch of 6-12 batteries, at least one quad thats pretty tank-status, and lots of spare props. No sim will ever feel exactly like real life, no matter how good. I see why heli guys would want to sim for FPV right off the bat, and thats good and all, but almost all of the sims teach bad habits that would make your real acro flying worse, take my word for it. I only use FPV sims now to kill time, try completely new moves that are super disorienting, or because its rainy.

Get comfortable with your quad, not your sim. Would be happy to give flight tips/pointers if anyone wants them as well.

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