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README for Brain2/iKon2 HoTT TELEMETRY and INTEGRATION (version 1.2 of 10 November 2017):

5) Using another standard 3-pole female/female cable, like that supplied with the Brain2/iKon2 units, cut away 5mm of the central red wire near either the two connectors (the remaining red wire only keeps the black and white wires together, but you can also totally remove the red wire and twist black and white wires together

6) Connect one end of the cable to a GOV adapter cable (like MSH51606, MSH51605, or one of MSH51626, or MSH51623 WITH THE RED WIRE CUT);

7) Connect the standard connector of this modified cable to the SUMD port of your HoTT receiver (e.g. port 8 on GR-24L / GR-16, port 6 on GR-12L);

8) Connect the small JST connector of the GOV adapter cable to the lateral SAT1 connector of the Brain2/iKon2;

9) Power your transmitter and your receiver. On the transmitter, go in the menus to "Base" -> "TX ctl" -> "BIND ON/OFF" and bind while holding down the bind button on the receiver;

10) Go in the transmitter menus to "Function" -> "Telemetry" -> "SETTING & DATA VIEW", select the "RECV" receiver button, and find the page with "CH OUT TYPE:" using the ENT button. Set it to SUMD, then OF (fail safe=OFF, keeps the Brain2/iKon2 in charge this situation), then the effective number of channels usable with the transmitter (for example, with a MZ-18, set it to 8) or the maximum number of channels you can use with the Brain2/iKon2 (11 channels are sufficient to use all the Brain2/iKon2 functions). This is to avoid having to transmit, receive and decode many channels unnecessarily. With some receivers, you can only set the row "SUMD at CHX" to YES. In this case, remember to set in the transmitter menu: Base -> Fail Safe (F/S) to 000% for the throttle channel (usually CH6 in Heli mode)

This is my first Graupner transmitter. I have followed the above instructions to the letter but I can not get the Brain software to integrate in my transmitter. My setup:

Blade 450 (converted to FBL)
MZ-24 Pro
GR-12L 8 Channel SUMD P/N:S1037
Hobbywing Platinum 60a V4 ESC

All have the latest firmware.

On the receiver: the “T S + -” lead goes to CH3 in the iKon2
the SUMD lead (male to male lead w/red wire cut) goes to SAT 1

On the ESC: the signal lead wire (“P”) is connected to PIN 5 in the 4-5-6 slot.
The 2 other wires are cut.

Panel 3 in the setup software is set to HOTT & Telemetry
In Advance Menu>Receiver>Receiver type: set to HOTT & Telemetry

Not using governor as of yet.

When I press Base>Telemetry>Setting & Data View>ESC(tried RECV)> ENT>ENT it will not let me go past the “CH Reverse” screen.
You are supposed to get to the Brain Software this way, correct?

I am doing something wrong but for the life of me I can not figure it out!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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