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Originally Posted by WonderedUnder View Post
Just finished building my 2017 logo 550 (yes - it took me way too long) and got to maiden her. She has a slow tail wag at 1900 RPM's that increases in frequency at 2100 rpm's. FBL is vbar neo and tail servo is xpert r2t. The tail seems to hold when i punch the collective, but i want to get the wag sorted before i fly it.

Interestingly, when i built a logo 500se like 5 years ago, it had the same type of wag. The problem that time was the tail box wasn't on square, but i have gone over that like 3 times now and i really think i have it set right.

It really seems like something mechanical, but nothing is popping up that's obvious to me. tail moves relatively smoothly side to side, i wouldn't call it perfectly "butter", but definitely smooth.

Any ideas?
I had the same issue with 3 Logo 550 (new version)!
took me a lot of time to solve the problem.
Just replace your trust bearings in tail with another brand and your tail blades with smaller one. if you hs is more than 2400 80mm is perfect!
Believe me once you have done your tail is solid as it should be
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