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Originally Posted by motoxxxman View Post
now your fear of crashing will actually be lower!

Everyone always seems to ask how to shake the fear of crashing, and the answer is almost always; "by crashing" lol. I found that to be true.

I know you're not a newbie, but just wanted to add this here for everyone else to see too, because it really is true
That breaks rule number five, resignation... ( "oh well gonna crash and learn...") (page five link below)
I do not think so, A crash just means less flight time. AKA less flight experience.

Originally Posted by Lotus 7 View Post
Well after 12 months of regular use,......out of a loop I hit positive collective a little early and went in hard....

As far as the crash is concerned it was 100% my fault, a combination of ...and dumb decision. The dumb decision being ... half way through one maneuver... changed my mind half way through to do something else.

Usually when I fly I plan what Im going to do, I decide on a move or set ... method has served me very well.... On this occasion I was half way though a ... decided to switch... basic loop ...
you're basic recipe for a crash...

You broke rule number two (page five link below). Maybe rules number three and number four, too.
....... Arf! ARf! ARFFFArFARFF! Arf. ......
Align 550e & (Got me some more canopy nutz, Jack.) Gaui X7 filled to the brim with expensively reliable goodies ... (Somehow I have the parts for like fo ...wait... nevermind. )
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