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It was interesting reading that article where for normal aviation the most likely accident phases are climb out after take off and landing. I don't think that's true for us. I have very rarely crashed taking off and landing. I have had some model failures on take off, like losing tail drive but they have not been pilot error crashes. On landing on very occasional times the heli has tipped on shutdown. I think most of our crashes occur because we want to push the envelope and develop new maneuvers. Doing this I think crashes are to some extent inevitable but can be minimized by our approach through putting the helicopter in a good part of the sky relative to where we are standing and secondly having a clear plan of what we want to do. Don't just throw the helicopter into some maneuver and then try and sort out the mess. Also some hours practice on the sim can help a lot.
very well said.

SIM imo is the key to success heli flying....
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