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Cheers guys I've actually had many crashes however it's nearly always the XK K110 that's taking the punishment I use the K110 to learn the majority of new maneuvers after the sim. Obviously there's been certain moves it couldn't handle....... knife edge hurricanes on the tail, piro funnels etc On these occasions I would just put extra sim time in and go straight to the 180 or 360. The K110 has definitely saved me many , I used it to learn all my inverted orientations and circuits.

Obviously a disciplined approach to sim time has also helped immensely. When I first started using a sim it didn't really make much difference to my RL flying, because i was not using the sim effectively. I was treating it more like a game, just flying around without any real goals or motivation to learn and improve.

Once I made the choice to start using the sim for structured practice, together with ArchmageAU's tail in to all 8's training program, that's when things really started to change. I improved in terms of both skill set and confidence, the gains were really quite dramatic. It took a lot of effort and commitment but it was the best decision I ever made.
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