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Originally Posted by 2005h4 View Post
any position when heli is upside down looks dead good.... any position. guys i need to get another heli very soon. Tired of just flying 230s.
Thinking 250 cfx, or fusion 270 or 360 cfx 3s (green canopy).... i need to make decision quick....
I agree with lotus. Skip the 250. fusion 270 or 360cfx would be great choices. Fusion has panic button, 360cfx does not. So keep that in mind.
If you're interested in a building a heli, definitely take a look at Align helis. I just finished building my first 470LT. The 450 might be of interest to you, it is the same size as the 360cfx. The 450 just doesn't come with a Rx, whereas the 360cfx at it's current sale price (because it's being discontinued soon) does come with a Rx. The 450 is also a little cheaper ($386) than the 360cfx even at its current sale price ($400)
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