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Originally Posted by awheli View Post
Looks like I do not have permissions for uploading pics. I have to post more to get it. Sorry.

But let me explain the process a little. The Align Gear set is: 23T H70G001NX. It comes with the torque tube gear as well as the case gear assembly (rotation bevel gear & rotation gear).

1. Removal of the rotation bevel gear is necessary by pushing out the pin & pushing out the shaft. The gear is a tight fit so I did my pushing with a punch & small raps of a hammer.

2. a bushing needs to be made for the interior of the gear so that it will fit on the Blade shaft. I made mine from a broken boom support. The 700x boom is 4.75mm ID so a 5mm drill bit reams out the ID just right. The OD is larger than the ID of the gear. I took a Dremel carbide flat wheel & turned (spun) the boom support in a drill while reducing the OD. Surface was a little rough, but it worked fine. Then cut the end off the boom support & press into the gear.

3. The gear fits on the Blade shaft, but needs a pin. The hole in the Align gear is to low so make a new hole. Use the old pin from the Blade because it has a flat spot that the set screw will hold the pin in place. Make sure the gear is as high on the shaft as possible.

4. The torque tube bevel gear is nearly an identical fit. The bearings & spacer fit great.

5. What's needed is to align & mesh the gears. I meshed mine by taking the Dremel & slightly reducing the edge lip on the backside of the torque tube bevel gear. This moved the gear back slightly from the rotation bevel gear so that the gear set bearings slipped into the case and the gears meshed. The gear set was off set slightly.

If I was to do this again, I would take a little off the top of the rotation bevel gear so that it will set higher on the shaft. In doing so, I don't think one would have to modify the torque tube gear lip at all. The gears would then align even better.

Hope this helps absent pics.
Yes it does thank you. Would you be willing to pm me and I can send you my email for the pics also
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