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Originally Posted by BladesinMD View Post
The manual recommends 60 for normal and 50 for IU. I tried mine at 60 and the tail had a prominent slow wag. I adjusted to near 90 on normal mode and it's a lot better, but not perfect.

Originally Posted by BladesinMD View Post
Think I've got it figured out. The throttle curve is nearly flat at 50% for normal mode (TX N!!!) per the manual, this low head speed requires a lot of gyro gain - about 91%.
Be very careful with TX N flight-mode values vs gyro normal-/rate mode (Dx6i: below 50, DX8/9: <0) vs gyro heading hold (>50, >0).

Originally Posted by BladesinMD View Post
The IU recommendation is 75% throttle, which I may adjust higher. This requires about 77% gain.
HH staff seem to be a fan of copy and pasting values from different TXes and different Blade heli models across different language manuals (e.g English vs German). Doing so will NOT produce better output or get things right....actually this pretty much corrupts manual numbers as I can verify by myself.

If you check e.g the older Blade 450X (AR7200BX) or 360CFX EN manuals you can see, that about 54% gyro gain (HH) =may much better match a newer Airware DX6-DX9/18 TX which have a -100..0..+100 range.

Calculation: (54 + 100) / 2 = 77% (Dx6i) in gyro heading hold mode (HH)

The 330X EN manual values
60% (N with 50% TC) / 50% (ST1 with 65% TC) for Dx6i
85% (N with 50% TC) / 75% (ST2 with 65% TC) / 80% (ST 1 with 55% TC) for DX6G2-DX9/DX18

50% Dx6i = 0 gyro.

a) do not match each other and are pretty much illogical
b) Dx6i section more likely uses Dx6-DX9 Airware value
c) 85/75/80 gyro numbers probably are meant for the DX6i

My downloaded 360CFX (6s, BLH4750) EN manual also shows(ed) a quite gyro wrong 20% Dx6i value (should be re-calculated 70% for 100% TC).

Calculation example:
75% gyro gain (Dx6i) x 2 = 150 - 100 = 50%

This better matches with 360CFX (6s) manuals Dx6-DX9/DX18 illustrations or 450X ~54% (HH):

NORMAL/POS 0 58% (30% TC)
STUNT 1/POS 1 48% (75% TC)
STUNT 2/POS 2 40% (100% TC)

Calculation example:
48% (DX9) + 100 = 148 / 2 = 74% (Dx6i)

The best probably is to simply ignore newer Blade manuals and test out the values all for yourself.
You can e.g put gyro normal/rate mode and heading hold on a switch, use the poti or trim switches to fine-tune (HH) gyro values.

Once the gyro gain HH value is to high, the tail will quickly bounce on ground back and forth and you need a 2nd normal/rate mode setting to de-escalate the situation.

I was successful in doing so even with my Blade 4503D while hovering.

Just make sure before that the tail holds (mechnical pre-pitch) in normal-/rate mode and you use a suitable gyro gain value for the rate mode. If you did not, you can not use this trick as the tail quickly will spin 90-180 degree.
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