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Originally Posted by jasond1979 View Post
Hi I was told years ago that you should not sim with your main controller because it wears it out. I've been siming about an hour a day with my DX9 because I find it helps prepare me more for the field. My question is, am I wearing out my DX9 prematurely?

Prepare for the field with the radio you are going to fly. It is the best form of practice.

If you use it enough to wear it out, then you have gotten value for it and replace it (maybe even with something better).

It takes 100's of hours to active use make the DX9 gimbals even slightly sloppy. Even then what you have learned with them is worth the cost.

A good pilot with an average TX will ALWAYS fly better than an average pilot with a good TX. Use the practice to become a good pilot and not worry about wearing out the DX9.
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