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I would be pretty much impressed if HH would take:

- Blade 270 Fusion / 360CFX 3s 45A ESC with governor
- Blade 270 Fusion AR636 SAFE (rescue) FBL receiver

and upgrade 330X as a V2 (well, actually V4) :-)

Maybe I could upgrade my 4503D to FBL with rescue for 3s 2200mah in 2019....

- plastic frame and LG mounting hole upgrade: But I am hesitant with the 4503D/450X frame as it breaks so easily at the corner where the screw for the landing leg is.
A dedicated bottom plate where the LG is mounted to (like KDS 450BD) might be the much better solution to break things.

If we add this third point, we might not have a 330X V2 but rather a 360CFX 3s V2?

Or has the 330X construction design already been changed for the frame, bottom plate and landing leg which I could upgrade my 4503D frame to?

Best regards from Germany
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