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Default A New Beginning

Glad to be back online and very glad now that I have a Velos UAV to work with in continuing my quest to explore real world work possibilities for this glorious flying machine.

The Velos UAV is a direct descendant from the Velos 880 and shares its complete dual motor drivetrain and flight control system...why change a proven system that really works well.

So the big change with the Velos UAV that sets it apart from the Velos 880 is the fuselage and canopy.
The Velos 880 was designed to fly 3D...the Velos UAV was designed to go to work.
To say the Velos UAV fuselage is spacious under the canopy is an understatement.
The fuselage is about 5 or 6 inches longer than the 880.
Stretching out a main rotor blade straight off the nose and with a tail blade pointing straight out the rear the total distance from tip to tip is 7.5 feet!

It has very large battery trays that can handle just about any combination of batteries you would want to fly to include the ability to stack the battery bricks on top of each other to generate some very serious flight time.

The bottom cargo rail is 21" long. It begins at the nose of the model and ends at the tail boom attachment to the fuselage.
Being that long allows the loading of some really odd cargo configurations and still allow a good COG for flying.

The little red squares you see in the photos at the bottom of the fuselage side plates are the mounting lugs of the cargo rail. There are 14 on each side, 28 total. Each lug can receive a screw so the ability to mount equipment to the belly is very easy.

I will probably create an equipment plate for my new spray boom and the assembly can then be mounted to the cargo rail with a few screws...Nice!
Past that, as new ideas are explored, new equipment plates can be built up and easily attached to the big Velos UAV.

The cargo rails ability to handle various load combinations is really good but you also have a lot of room under the canopy for electronics.

It's a beautiful helicopter with its fuselage canopy and tail boom cover...and those main blades are just bad ass.

Looking forward to the new year and a new year of discovery with the Velos UAV...should be awesome fun.

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