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Default a side bar to working with the Velos UAV in my quest to create a commercial building exterior cleaning business I am also having email and phone conversations with the FAA concerning where I would operate in the existing UAV/UAS regulation of the FAR's.

They have been very helpful providing guidance.
There are many considerations one must take into account before leaving the ground.

First, I will have to get the UAV operators license. Having worked in aviation all my life that will be no problem.

After that first step it gets a little cloudy for lack of a better term.
All of the current regulations up to this point have revolved around UAV/UAS operations where flying at altitude and long distances were most common. Operations like photography, mapping and so on.

There are also regulations cover the spraying of chemicals and insecticide. These regulations fall under agricultural spraying. How much and what type of chemical is being flown, safety measures in all areas of operation of the spraying and the shutting down of the spray in case of an emergency. This gets complicated quickly because of EPA concerns.

So I bring a whole new regulatory thought process with my "hovering spray platform" using the Velos UAV.
...I don't carry any chemical on the UAV/UAS, my supply tank stays safely on the ground and the chemical is "home use grade".
...I don't fly any higher than the structure I am cleaning.
...I don't fly any farther away than the surface of the building I am cleaning.
...I am effectively tethered to my supply tank with the supply hose.

At present if I were to start a business today, I would apply for a wavier which should be no problem to acquire.

In the mean time my unusual type of UAV/UAS flying operation will be discussed in meetings at the FAA to determine what if any regulation changes may be made to include operations of this type.

Should be interesting. I'll post what the outcome is concerning regulation for anyone interested.
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