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Originally Posted by mb-1953 View Post
Was this a kit or did it come pre-assembled? Did you reuse the skookum system from your other Velos or was something else supplied by Aris?

It's pre-assembled.
To control quality and success in utilizing the UAV, Aris will not be selling the UAV as a kit but as a pre-assembled aircraft built to the customers order specifications.
The customer tells Aris what he would like and Velos Rotors makes it happen.

I will however be creating and building the equipment carried on my cargo rail for my personal use and experimenting.

Since I am a long time Skookum die hard, I stayed with another SK900 as my controller of choice.

I will be keeping the Velos 880.
My intension is to one day make money with the Velos UAV.

Any inquiries concerning a Velos UAV should be directed to Aris at Velos Rotors. He will be happy to talk about equipment options and cost.
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