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Why don't you get the Robbe General Link modul NE480193 for "Futaba S-FHSS" (not the older NineEagles General Link für J6 Pro protocol)?

For Spektrum receivers it would be better if you would have an external multi-protocol HF modul which supports the DSC trainer port out-of-the-box, so you can plugin a cable into your Spektrum trainer DSC port.

I am not sure if this HF module provides a cable from the connector of the Graupner JR slot (where you would slide this module into onto a Taranis) with the Mono plug on the Spektrum DSC trainer port side.

Don't you also need a dedicated voltage provider, to use this IRangeXPlus?

The GeneralLink module uses a dedicated external 1s battery so provide power.

If you still find one on Ebay (pretty expensive!) this would be surely the quickest solution.

If you do not own a Spektrum, DX18/DX9 personally I would sell your (DX6/DX7/DX8G2) Spektrum transmitter and go with a Walkera Devo 10, where you can use a Devo 10 compatible 4-in-1 internal module.
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