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Cool Roadmap for learning to fly RC helicopters

Here is my condensed version of a road map to learn to fly RC helicopters. This is a process that I experienced myself about a year ago. This road map is based on the use of Blade brand helicopters at the beginning and then change to Align. Blade is part of the Horizon Hobby conglomerate. HH is a dominant force in the RC hobby world and is geared towards beginners. Although they are not perfect, they have a great penetration in the market, excellent customer service and the pieces are very easy to obtain.

1. Educate yourself. Go to Rc Helicopter Review and read everything there. It is one of the most useful resources I have seen.

2. Buy at least one Spektrum DX6i radio. If you can afford it, buy a DX8 or even a Dx18, but you can fly an electric helicopter of any size with a DX6i.

3. Buy the 4-channel mCX2 Blade coaxial helicopter. This is really good only on the inside, but you can learn many basic skills quickly with this model.

4. Buy or download a simulator. The simulators are useful but less fun than a real helicopter, so I suggested getting the mCX2 first. The main simulators are Phoenix and Real-flight. Clearview is less expensive and there are some free to download if you search around. I have Phoenix.

5. Skip any form of Paso Fijo helicopter (FP). I tried the Blade 120SR and the mSRx. None is very useful to progress. I found the 120SR particularly bad. Quirky would be a good way to describe either of them. They do it badly outdoors if there is wind at all.

6. Time to move to the Pitch Collective (CP) helicopters. If you follow my roadmap, two things are critically important at this time.
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