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Although bigger helis are definitely better in terms of flight performance and actually easier to fly definitely I see this hobby as a process. I think the best way to get started is with a sim then with a small heli that can be crashed again and again without much remorse and then move up to a preferred kit brand.

Yesterday we recorded the podcast with James Kaddis and although this sounds like a shameless plug of advertising for the podcast really it's not. We were very fortunate to have him and he has very good insight on this topic.

His advise which is really, really sound is to just don't get carried away and progress at your pace AND budget. If you go and buy a flashy heli just because everyone raves about how great it flies and you crash it and can't afford to fix it you will only experience frustration and probably get out of the hobby.

I believe also the VAST majority of people in this hobby try to help. They have such a hard time learning all this and receive so much help that this goes into a healthy circle of people wanting to help. And they find it's super rewarding that something you learned that may seem like something very simple and not the most highly technical and educated tip helped someone to fly their machine and avoid that frustration piece of the hobby.

And, I have actually been offered to fly a 700. And although I would highly likely have no issue flying it at my most comfortable skill set, it's still something that I would be very hesitant to do. I mean it's not like I'm a pro but I could very comfortably hover and FFF. Still if something goes wrong I would feel terrible. I have been lucky enough to have the 570 which really flies awesome, feels super big and takes away the itch to go larger to be honest, at least for me for the time being. It helps I cannot afford anything larger right now
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