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Default AccuRC 2.0.6 Released!

AccuRC 2.0.6 is released and available through Steam!

Let us start by saying that this update is larger than anything we've ever done before. It is packed to the brim with new content and features, as well as a ton of optimizations. And the best thing is, this update is completely free of charge!

Large parts of the simulator have been rewritten to boost performance through the roof and to reduce input latency to the absolute minimum, so much that AccuRC 2.0.6 will run 60FPS in 1080p on Intel HD4000 graphics with no issues and no noticeable lag whatsoever. We managed to almost double the physics FPS compared to 2.0.5, which means that 2.0.6 will easily run on an dual core 3GHz processor.

AccuRC 2.0.6 was a huge project and redefined the simulator that AccuRC is. With this leaner, meaner and faster platform, we're expecting to be able to do amazing things in the future. As a little preview, 2.0.7 will focus a lot on adding new helicopters, quadcopters, training modes, StickMover integration and much more to look forward to.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank our amazing community for their feedback, testing, contributions, suggestions, and support. We couldn't have done it without you.

Here's what changed since 2.0.5:

Greatly improved overall performance:
  • PFPS increased by up to 100%
  • Decoupled graphics from physics FPS
  • Loading times significantly shortened
  • Graphics performance increased
  • Framerate smoothed significantly, now runs stutter free without VSync
  • Reduced controller latency to absolute minimum (sim viably flyable at 30fps now)
New Models:
  • SAB Goblin 700 KSE
  • MSH Protos Nitro
VR support:
  • AccuRC now supports all popular VR headsets through SteamVR
  • Select “Play VR” from the Steam start options when hitting "Play”
Training modes:
  • Added hover training for different orientations
  • New engine sounds for several models, especially Goblin 700 KSE and LOGO 700
  • Proper triblade sounds for 3 bladed rotors
  • More depth and load dependency to tail rotor sounds
  • Better low rpm main rotor sounds
  • New crash sound for helicopters, sampled from a real KSE (don’t ask)
  • New & Improved Car sounds
Miscellaneous optimizations:
  • Added a No Disc Blur Mode which leaves the rotors unblurred
  • Added Fly/Workbench buttons to model select menu
  • Multiplayer now works better than ever before
  • Renamed FBL presets to the flying styles they suit
  • Canopy Hue change Feature added
  • All default setups reworked and improved (applies to NEW heli from the hangar ONLY)
  • Recalculated drag values for all helis (they fly faster now)
  • Sharpened control response of all default setups
New components:
  • RotorTech 700mm Ultimate Blades
  • Rail 96, 106, 116mm
  • EDGE SE / Switch 72mm
  • SAB 70mm
  • OS 105, HZ, HZ-R
  • OS Power Boost 105
  • MRCI 105
  • KST MS 2208 HV, MS 3012 HV, MS 1035 HV
  • SAB 6S 2100 50C, 3100 50C, 4200 50C, 5250 50C, 4800 50C
  • Compass RAGE 4219, 4928, 4928 CS
  • Rotortech 63mm, 93mm, 96mm, 106mm, 116mm Tail Blades
  • 3Blade sets: SAB 690 TB, Zeal Energy 690, Helix 695, Rotortech 690

Full change log since the first beta release:

AccuRC 2.0.6: More Performance, Helis, Components, Features... (1 min 50 sec)
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