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Is the release build different then the current beta build ?

I'm running 2.0.6 build 280418.

Flown this morning online:
it was the first time I was acutally in session with someone, but the software was acting up. I never really had soo much going wrong.

- my heli model was fubared ( tail rotor mid tail , tail control rod , sticking half way out , canopy pointing downwards) , reset or another model didn't help at all.
- could hover a heli like a tank ( I could blade scrap the full lenght of the field )
- sound was really 'jumpy' online. 'jerky' when others cam flying passed ( silent heli coming flying by and the suddenly loud, then more silent again.
- extremely lagged on joins (to the point ppl just crashed)
- laggy on crashes of others.
- in the hangar when you click colors of the Max model, you get the 3 colors of the module , but they are just the first 3 colors in the colors lineup , red give you yellow, white give red , and then orange gives purple.

and can you please add a 'no session' found item when you can not find sessions ?
before today , I didn't even knew online did actually work, because I never saw anyone online and when I created a session none joined.

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