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Originally Posted by corrosionate View Post
Iím afraid I donít have a good picture of it, but I stripped the wire and soldered it to the little tabs coming off the back. Multiple prongs are available for + and -, so I was able to sandwitch the wire between two and solder each wire to two of them. I covered the whole solder joint up with the liquid electrical tape goop. Then thereís like a jumper thatís needed to make it power on or something. I did all that a couple years ago so I canít remember exactly Lol. I used the goop to hold the jumper from coming unplugged too.

I used a wicked hot soldering iron so I could work quickly in hopes of getting a good solder joint without melting the solder that holds the prongs to the circuit board inside. I find that a hotter iron works better in those cases because you donít have to heat things up as long.

I hope that helps. If I can get a photo of the connection point I will, but you canít see much cus I Goobered it all up with the liquid electrical tape to protect it from something shorting it out. Maybe I can find a pic from back in the day when I soldered it up. Iíll look.

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Oh. I got some of the mating connector and plan to design a PCB for it. Though, for now, I soldered some wires to the mating connector and wrapped it all up in electrical tape so I could test things.
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