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Johnny that was a sick flight! Now hurry up already to release in the beta!

Since I am probably 10 years (if ever) away from your skill I will definitely fly the 570S on AccuRC but will likely stick with the 700S until I manage to nail down my orientations and circuits. It’s just so stable. But for sure being able to fly my actual Heli will be awesome.

One more thing the blade sounds on these 570S are amazing for real. Can I put that as another request to change the pitch and volume more radically during the flight to make it sound more realistic? I feel like the blade sound on this new version is more stable and causes farts to be lost actually. One of the things I like about AccuRC is how it seems the only one who can make the blades actually fart. Now over speeds sound sampling might help also to give it a bit of “wag” sound on stressful maneuvers. Of course you need someone else to execute a non-perfect over speed where the head complains of course.

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