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Default Pixhawk 2.4.8 complete setup!!

Hey guys,
I just received my very first pixhawk clone 2.4.8 kit in the mail and know nothing about it!!

I know Some people may say go start study or read those full articles online on ardupilot stuff like that! But for some people like me with 3 kids and busy life that just will take me forever to go through all of these internet pages!!

So is there any body come up with step by step installation and setup process that we can fallow to get this dam thing to work right in couple of days instead of couple of years

I have 800 size helicopter with sk720, castle 120 and futaba subs 8ch fastesst Rax & 14sg

Please if any body know link or videos regard how to install and setup pixhawk 2.4.8 please post it here to help me and help others with the same problem!

Thank you
Pixhawk complete kit with telemetry and GPS

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