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Thank you , I think I will just go with 5 blade rotor head for now and down the road will upgrade to 6 or may be even 7 if they are ever available then.

On a side note though, do you know of any one who can custom made the 7 rotorhead for me ?

Thank you again !
Originally Posted by goodhunting View Post
CH53 series of helicopters has a 6 blade head... all but the CH53K, which has a 7 blade head (and three engines)...

Global Aircraft -- CH-53 Sea Stallion

So if you decide to build a scale helicopter... I would suggest you go all the way and use the 6 blade head... and if you're set on the K model... there are smart people that can help you make the 7 blade head....

There is a tallented modeller that made his own fuselage and mechanics...
Danny from Israel is an inspiration... ? View topic - 2.5 Meter Scratch Build SIKORSKY CH-53

but there are plenty of build threads of the Vario fuselage that can serve as example of what can be done...

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