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Originally Posted by cycled View Post
Good point. Get yourself a quality charger or two sooner rather than later.

Also don't bother parallel charging if you can avoid it. There's no way to make it as safe as charging single batteries. It doesn't always balance each battery correctly. It cannot detect weak cells while charging.

[This implies there's not much point having a charger bigger than 20A, and even 10A may be plenty, though having a charger that shows IR while charging is very useful.]
Originally Posted by Krager View Post
Yeah always better to keep each battery on its own charger, but parallel charging gets you through when you don't want to buy a number of chargers or one of the four in one jobs.

In terms of flying, there's basically two cardinal rules I have, never let the heli get too close and never let the heli get too far.

In terms of maintenance, always check screws are not loose, can't do it too often.
I have figured out that the relative safety of parallel charging or not is moot.

Charging one battery is too dangerous to walk away from in your home.

Parallel charging is plenty safe in a fire proof location-like restrained on a concrete pad outdoors 30 feet from flamables.

Anywhere that parallel charging is too dangerous is also too dangerous for single battery charging.

But yes, in an unsafe location, parallel is more unsafe.
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