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Originally Posted by pit_helis View Post
Hi all. What does this mean?
On the Airmap, under Fly For Fun(Part 336/101E) Guidelines For Recreational Drone use in the USA.

It says: You do not need permission from the FAA to fly your UAS(AKA Drone) for fun or recreation, but you must fly safely.
Pls explain a bit further. Btw I am new to drone.
Thank You All.
Good afternoon, and welcome to the world of Model Aviation! A good place to start would be by joining the AMA and following their rules for RC Model flight. These have been around for ages, and these rules are also what the FAA is currently parroting as their guidelines.

A valuable resource for knowing where to fly, or not, is with the FAA's App for your Smart Phone called B4UFly, and it is available in the App Store(s). As well, the FAA has a Webpage that has a Map, specifically designed for UAS flight. Unfortunately, even models that I've owned since the 1970's are now considered to be "UAS" even if I'm flying them with no stabilization systems, cameras, or staying within line of sight and under the recommended 400' AGL (above ground level).

There are differences in the FAA's rules as well, regarding flying for fun, or being compensated for your videos or pictures taken while flying. Bottom line, if you're being paid, you're flying commercially, and you fall under a whole new set of regs. I have a friend in northern California that bought a DJI, and like everyone else, thought he was going to shoot videos, and make millions of dollars. He calls me one afternoon explaining how he was flying near the Golden Gate Bridge, and a Coast Guard Helicopter began hovering near his "drone" and the Pilot extended his arm from the window, pointed at the DJI, and then pointed to the ground, repeating this a few times. My friend landed, confused as to why this happened. I found out where he was, and looked at another Website, , and saw that he was flying in highly controlled airspace for the San Francisco Airport! I told him to count his blessings that that Pilot didn't follow his drone to the ground, and report him. That airspace incursion could have been a maximum of a $37,000 dollar fine! Not to mention the additional fine he could have got if he sold Video, and it was traced back to him, as he is not a commercially rated UAS Operator.

Do a lot of reading and self education, ask questions, and even if you do not join the AMA (recommend you do) at least Register yourself with the FAA at .

Again, welcome! Have fun and be courteous and safe!
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