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Default Neo Caliber 90 build thread

Hi guys thereís not a lot of activity in this part of town so Iíve decided to show you my new Caliber 90.

I got it from RCJ a few month ago and took enough pictures to make a build thread so here we go!
I have to thank RCJapan for their excellent service and their help in sourcing difficult to find parts.

It is the Quest Neo-Caliber 90-720 flybarred version converted to fbl right out of the box. Iíve ordered it as a flybared machine but changed my mind while building it as I was worried the FB head wonít accept the 3D torture.
The difference between the Neo Caliber 720 and the original Caliber 90 is the Canopy, aluminium gyro mount, low profile skid and longer tail boom and there are two flywheel mounts supplied in order to accommodate both YS and OS engines. Of course the lower frames donít have the Kyosho engravings anymore but the Quest one and like before the one you see is reversedÖ C90 owners know what Iím talking about
I think these are all the differences.

It has always been my dream machine, since I was a little kid I saw pictures of it in the Kyosho catalogues and I knew since then that one day I would own one for sure.

After a few month of ownership all I can say is that it is exactly what I hoped for. The build was a real pleasure and I do not regret buying it only now after owning some of the best quality machines like JR and Hirobo helis. Build quality is one of the best Iíve seen, parts quality as well and the gold/Champagne finishÖ Amazing!

The equipments I used are:
OS 105 anniversary edition
Hatori F3C pipe for Caliber 90
Futaba CGY 750
Futaba bls275 on cyclic
Bls 251 on the tail
Bls 451 for throttle and needle
Reactor X
Funtech 720 F3C

Optional parts:
90 shore hard dampers
Carbon radio plate
140į conversion kit
Old style swashplate to accommodate the 140 ccpm
Original canopy

Click image for larger version

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