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Now we get to assemble the lower frame, starting by putting together the engine assembly.

The engine Iíll be using is an OS 105 Anniversary Edition. It is a regular OS 105 HZ-R with gold anodised parts to go with the general theme and a black engine block. The internals are identical to the regular 105.

Since the one way unit is at a later stage of the transmission chain, the starter wand needs to be equipped with one or youíll have the engine die every time if you donít pull out the wand quickly enough

The newer kits are supplied with two flywheel mounts too accommodate YS and OS engines, which is nice. The threads are reversed so as the engine spines it will tightened the flywheel on itís mount. Slide on the main pulley on the shaft. Iíve applied a small amount of blue loctite on the inner race of its bearings to stop a minute amount of play that my slimest shim could not take out after bolting on the start hex/fan pulley assy. The tricky part is when youíll mount the whole assy on the crankshaft.

I have initially assembled it with blue loctite in a generous amount but the whole thing came off for the second startÖ Iíve cleaned it really well and assembled it again with red loctite this time. Iíve painted the crankshaft in red and it hasnít moved since, even when the 105 was flooded and stalled my Dynatron on 3S. For me it is one of the trickiest step of the build as the manual does not emphasise enough on the red loctite part.

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