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Default Neo Vlink

OK here we go.
1) Neo Non Vlink Pro and Recuse works perfect no issues. first one i reg
1/2) Neo Vlink Pro and Recuse NO Issues... second one
2/2) Neo Vlink express Major issues.

"I seen the video many times..seem as though windows just can't find the correct drivers. it either says the correct driver is installed or says the drivers loaded and (error code-10) Cant start up----.. or shows the Virtual Vbar controller is recognized but the boot-plug has to be in....

Windows 7 professional . 4 days invested so far looking to fix this. Nothing changed.. Uninstalled and reinstalled when I use the new Vbar Control Manager on the two others works fine. I've uninstall the driver and gone through the process of registering it and reinstalled 15 times or more... It registers fine and shows up with the Green check mark even shows the SN#. Download the KeyFile copy and paste it into the
BLA BLA BLA VBar controller. No workie Tried Cutting and pasting

It still won't show up in device manager" With out the boot plug.
It shows up in the device manager when the plug is installed.
Pull it and it wont do anything. Yes I've powered down unplugged and everything. ive even loaded it on two other PC's same shit!!!

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