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Default First Flybarless Build Only Have Flybar Experience

I apologize in advance for my rambling and realize that you probably see one of these types of post every day however I wanted to give some background so I could get some good recommendations.

I started flying collective pitch helicopters back around 2011 and was fairly active for about two years. However - life happened - and I ended up (mostly) stepping away from the hobby until just recently.

Back when I was active flybarless was really starting to gain popularity. I never had a flybarless helicopter back then (other than an MCPx when they first came out if that counts). I built several Trex 250s, 450s and 500s as well as an MSH Protos and Hirobo SDX Nitro all flybarred. I flew mostly sport with light aerobatics I certainly never got to the point of doing smack 3D.

Life has recently lightened up and I just recently (a month or so ago) decided to get back into the hobby. In order to get back in the air as quickly and easily as possible as well as to regain some of my flying ability at a cheap crash cost - I picked up a MCP BL, a Blade 130S and a Blade 230S. I also picked up a charging setup from Progressive RC and a Spektrum DX8G2. All these have been great and I feel that Im back to where I was when I left the hobby.

As a side noteas a previous owner of a flybarred Trex 250 the Blade 230S is unbelievable! I remember not even being able to blink when flying that 250 Im sure other owners can relate!

In either case I feel that its time to build something. However this being my first flybarless build - Im looking for some recommendations and words of caution before jumping into something and getting frustrated or having buyers remorse.

Since Im in a very rural area and have no one locally to help Im looking for the easiest most tried and true flybarless unit to setup. Something that has numerous YouTube videos on how to setup would be great. I have a large flying field right outside my house so setup/adjusting using my desktop computer is not an issue (and actually preferred). Although Im certainly not loaded with cash Im willing to pay an extra $100.00 or so for each unit if it means getting something more user friendly. I always enjoyed building/setting up a heli but despise chasing issues (as Im sure everyone does). I would also like to go with a company that has been around for a fair amount of time and has a reasonable chance of being around for the foreseeable future. What research Ive done it sounds like an Icon unit would be a good bet?

For my first flybarless heli kit Im looking for something fairly small and reasonably inexpensive. I would like to keep the entire build (including flybarless unit) around the $500.00 to $600.00 price point (less if possible). The main reason for this budget is that if something goes horribly wrong I only need to cry for a few days instead of weeks. What research Ive done I think this is reasonable? Please note that this heli doesnt need to be setup to do smack 3D the main purpose of this build is to gain knowledge on how to build/setup/program a flybarless heli. I plan on doing something larger in the future (probably a winter build). For reference I was looking at the small Oxy and Align kits but am open to other suggestions as well. Im mainly looking for something (once again) that typically has good build quality with few issues (so I dont have to wonder if its something mechanical or something that I screwed up in the programming). Something that has a build video with the flybarless unit Im considering would be extremely awesome (flashback to the Finless Trex build videos).

Although Ive purchased used items several times in the past with great luck I would like to stick with new on this build so I dont have the potential of inheriting someone elses issues and once again wondering if its me or the kit.

I realize everyone has their favorites and what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. However Im looking for the most tried and true combination possible. Recommendations from someone that has tried several brands of flybarless units / helis would be extremely helpful!

Thank you for your help its great to be back!
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