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In my experience with FBL units (BeastX, CY-TotalG, all variations of Spartan VX1, Skookum 540). So far the easiest, most intuitive has been the Spartan.

It has also been the only FBL unit where I have done the setup at home and then the heli was perfect from the first flight with literally no FBL tweaking required.

The VX1e works with PC software or a Datapod.

The difference in the approach to setting up with FBL is you'll generally start by calibrating the TX settings to the FBL unit, so that for example you have 100% throws on the sticks in all directions. With the Spartan you can store swash and tail gain in the unit which leaves hardly any heli-specific settings in the TX. This is great when you get a new heli and you can just copy the model program and only need to change things like throttle % and timer etc.
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