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You'll be fine and on budget with the align 470l, oxy 2, oxy 3 or oxy 4.

Oxy 3/4 may start to push your budget if you are not prudent in your electronics choices. Buying some parts used makes it attainable.

These listed helis all crash well and cheaply. The larger you go, the more $$ crashes and damage becomes. Simple physics.

I did my first flybarless kit last summer on the align 470l.

It came with everything including microbeast flybarless unit. I still fly it. It's wonderful for the money

I'd stray from that microbeast flybarless unit these days that the align combo kit comes with.
Msh ikon2 /brain2, or Spirit are the way to go for cheap, easy setup, support and features.

These have rescue modes std. The microbeast needs a $100 upgrade to try recuse.

I also own or have owned
Many Goblins of various sizes
Many MSH protos of various sizes.
Many logos of various sizes.
Many blade helis at various sizes.

But to do what you are asking, I'd stay with the align or oxy family for now.

One thing that costs us tons of money in crashes are blades! No one considers that!

Figure I could recommend you a very, very smooth flying and crash resistant heli: the goblin 280 fireball. Now go price blades in that size. Your are looking at 30 bucks!

Take a more popular size like the oxy 4 and align 470.

The 320 to 360 and 380 blades can be bought for 15 a set and less. Align and ALZRC make very good budget friendly blades. They fly well, are durable too and in starting out there is no appreciable flight feeling difference. Actually, my alzrc blades (cheapest 380 blades I've ever found) feel better to me than the aligns.

Oxy 3 also can use their own lynx plastic blades. Very reasonable price.

Oxy 2 is another cheap bladed heli. 10 bucks or less for the plastic blades.

Keep that in mind.
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