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Focusing on your budget of $500 to 600 all-up flying cost (you mentioned the FBL, but don't forget a few batteries as well), I would go with the Trex 470L super combo if you want something a little larger and/or the ease of one-click shopping.

For something smaller, thus more crash resistant, the Oxy 2 is a great option. It's about the same size and weight as your 230s, but with more power and agility.

Either would be a great choice depending on how you weight the trade-offs. You might do some reading and posting in those two forums to get a better sense of each.

The Oxy 3 is probably doable on your budget, especially pre-owned, but the Oxy 4 would not be. (You can find the O4 used in your price range, but that will generally be w/o FBL or batteries, or both.)

On FBL, the Brain2 or Spirit are first-class units at reasonable prices and probably the two most heavily supported options on the forum that will work fine with your DX8. The Oxy 2 is small enough that you'll want a micro FBL, and that will drop the cost a bit. If you go with the 470L, the FBL is included, but as mentioned rescue is extra.

These decisions are always fun - good luck!

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