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beastx (spektrum) is by far the simplest to set up, in my opinion. just over your price point at $220 street price for the latest 7210bx, [correction] does NOT come with the safety/rescue features which costs an additional €100/unit..and if you fly spektrum radio is fairly straight forward to bind. and the manual is written in proper english and walks you right through the process. If all of the steps are completed per the manual, when you get to the end you have a heli that is ready to lift off.

programming is all done on the unit's pots or with re-assigned old-school settings in the tx (DRs and Expos translate to roll rates, etc.)

I think it's a great place to dip your toes in FBL. But, the only drawback is every unit kinda has their own ideas on names/terms and where you adjust them. So, just because you get on well with beastx, the next unit you try may be a whole new learning curve on tuning out little gremlins.

ikon/msh brain (same thing) offer the most flexibility, but are also a bit cryptic and menu option heavy (drilling in and out of different menus to find what you're looking for). but, when tuned correctly have a really good feel in the air--some say better than vbar (I don't say that--but, some do). plus, all of the features are included for free--rescue, advanced tuning menus, telemetry, etc. it comes in at or below the $200 mark (depending on the unit)--but, requires an appropriate RX for whichever radio system you're flying, which will put the pricepoint about with the others.

Jeti radio also works with brain for 2 way communication--meaning you can program the unit, make PID adjustments, receive telemetry--when you have the appropriate telemetry module and rx.

vbar, to me is the top of the pile in this price range. you can try the express/low end of the software/hardware right at $250 including the built-in Mikado antenna/rx, or $200 if you're binding to a separate non-mikado sat/rx. but, by the time you add bells and whistles like the expert adjustment menus and rescue, you can increase that by €100–same as beastx. so, while I fly vbar--the cost is definitely a consideration down the line depending on how many helis you may end up with. And, while you can use vbar/NEO FBL unit with any radio, it really shines when you pair it with the Vcontrol radio--purpose built by Mikado to interface with their FBL unit. Only drawbacks I see with the combo is the price of upgrading each unit, and you are necessarily tied to vbar for all receivers if you're using their radio. there's no ability to bind that radio to anything other than a vbar satellite. if you fly other aircraft, it's something to consider. I keep a spare DX7 radio for flying foamies.

anything lower end than that, and I've had poor experience. So, while you can come in below the $200 mark, you get what you pay for.
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