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This is how I have my training gear set up. It keeps the machine from pogo’ing but prevents a tip over. Quite frankly I don’t see ever taking the training gear off because it is so tippy.

For just basic flight I am using the normal curves from the manual. I limited my full range pitch to 10 degrees and the cyclic pitch on the low side at 5 degrees. If your new to CP and don’t know what those are do some research it’s important. I’m running -30% expo and I’ve gotten it to where it’s very controllable. When you first spoil it up don’t be surprised that the tail wants to make it slide to the left on the floor. You need to pop it into the air and put a little right aileron then get it trimmed so your close to center. It will never be hands off hovering but you don’t want to be off in a quadrant just to hold a spot in a hover.
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