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325mm blades for the 450X:

I successfully flew the Align CF 325mm blades with BLH4304 shims on my Blade 450 3D (paddle).
You should check other threads for Align blades 3G 325D vs 325F vs 325E detail (Pro) numbers.

My "lying around" dealer replacement from end of 2015/2016 since the last crash are indeed "Align 3G 325D Pro" (maybe FB blades, maybe not) which is the same I probably had flown successfully before in 2015:

Wow, almost looks like I didn't fly in (2016-) 2017 and 2018 my 450er heli :-(

You can probably also fly the cheaper ~15 Monstertronic CF 325mm blades but green does not really fit the orange or blue canopy design

Blades own EFLH1415C (FB) 52,49 / BLH4315 (FBL) 48,99 for 325mm CFK blades are IMHO way too high compared to new Fusion 480 BLH4901 CF blades at ~61 (dealer prices).

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