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Thanks guys for all the info and encouragement. I fly tiny whoops and ~130mm drones (fpv), so working on the Rex is luxury 😃 I set up the chopper with no expo, 12 mode and two lower pitch and expo modes.m

I tried the heli in the bedroom, while hiding behind the door, just to get it light on the skids to make sure everything works.

My plan for the first flight is to get off the ground quickly and then slowly figure it out. If tomorrow there is no wind, I'll maiden it. 🚀
I would highly recommend you watch a finless bob setup video on the 250 rotor head and servos then use the curve from the manual for normal hovering flight, with maximum pitch set at 10 degrees instead of 11. If you have 10 degrees of cyclic pitch that thing will be completely uncontrollable you will be chasing it all over the place.

The 2 pitches you need to check are collective (from the throttle stick) and cyclic (aileron and eleavator). Collective pitch is how much you have when the throttle stick is at high travel and adjusted by pitch in your swash mixing. Cyclic pitch is measured with the collective pitch at zero and full aileron then eleavator and adjusted with the aileron and elevator limits in your swash mixing. Those are the two adjustments you need to make to get yourself down to a reasonable amount of cyclic pitch between 5 and 6 but no more than 6. These things are skiddish and you’ll chase it all over the place and right into something.

T-Rex 250SE (1 min 57 sec)

That’s my 250 before I got it tamed down, I had a moderate amount of control but it was still very intense. Personally I’d say buy a leftover Nine Eagles Solo Pro 228 and practice on that first. I had the helimax version it’s a 45 degree offset flybar and you can spend your flights getting use to the stick mechanics before destroying the 250 chasing it all over the place.
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