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Default Spektrum transmitter usb adapter no work in Heli-X 7.0, but DOES WORK in v6.1 (SOLVED

I have Heli-X 6.1 and it works fine. I recently realized there was an upgrade and that my license is valid for the new version 7.0. So I install version 7.0 and the USB adapter does not appear to work at all in version 7.0.

System Info: Laptop. Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. Core i5. 8GB RAM. I have the USB adapter shown in the attached picture.

To review:
- The USB adapter connects the DX8 to the laptop and Heli-X version 6.1 just fine. I can sim and control heli, practice, etc.
- I close Heli-X 6.1. Open Heli-X 7.0 and it does not recognize the usb adapter/transmitter at all! No movement of the sticks on the main page. Then i go to Configuration>Controller>Sticks. No movement at all there either.
- Went to Global Settings>Input [tried all *.jar the options]. Reset to factory default settings in Heli-X 7.0. Uninstall/reinstall heli X 7.0. None of this has worked
- I go to the windows settings> devices and printers> ppm to USB>properties>test and it recognizes inputs/movements just fine.
- Again, the usb adapter and the transmitter continue to work fine in Heli-X 6.1.

So in other words, I'm pretty sure it's not the transmitter or USB adapter. So either it's a bug in the software or I'm missing something obvious here. And if it was a bug, I doubt I would be the first person to experience.

Can anyone provide me with any help?
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