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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
I have, the 250 is my favorite size. Just my opinion, but I think the Oxy2 flies better than the T250. The Oxy2 is much more sturdy and locked in during flight. The Oxy2 does whatever I ask without any back talk, strange oscillations, or adverse tail behavior.
Sounds like your 250 might have some mechanical issues, the tail on them is definitely touchy and an art to get going well. I have several 250s and I'm still not "good" at getting them perfect, but I have plenty of parts to swap around to make things right. I think in that respect the Oxy is much, much better, the tail works out of the box.

Originally Posted by Chuck Lewis View Post
So far I like the way my 250 flies better than my oxy2.
Do you just need more tuning on the oxy or is there something about the Trex that is just much better?
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