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I read that the Gaui X3 uses plastic breakaway servo horns.

I have not used any "servo savers" on my 4503D and on 2-3 crashes every time the DS76 plastic gears needed to be changed (at least they are cheaper)

However the tail servo DS76T (does not run anymore at 4,8V or 6,0V) and H3060MG potis are always corrupt so I have to replace the full servo.

H3050 gears aren't too cheap either?
Maybe KST DS215MG V3 (titanium) MG gears are more stable than H3050?

In the end a new ALZRC X360 kit might be (incl. carbon fiber rotorblades, canopy) cheaper than to buy Blade 330X/450X replacement parts :-)
Blade replacement parts easily sum up 100-120EUR++, especially if the tail servo is corrupted too!!
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