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I designed this for the T-REX 500X last year. It worked very well.

Sold at least one, but have since lost access to my account on Shapeways since I signed up using Facebook, and I have since closed that Facebook account. I just contacted support about hopefully getting access to my account again. Unfortunately if they can't help me it looks like I'm screwed, I don't think I even have the original 3D file anymore

Because it is not a copy or even similar to the original pulley I don't believe there's any risk in me selling it. And realistically, as long as I don't claim it to be the original ALIGN part (not this pulley necessarily but anything I was to design and sell) I don't think they could do anything. After all, clone heli parts are sold all the time still. However, one thing to note is that if you just straight up copy say a skid strut for example, more than likely it would be more expensive to buy it 3D printed than to buy the original part. That's the main reason I suspect any heli company wouldn't have any reason to fear 3D printed parts.
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