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I figured it out.

I opened both Heli-X 6.1 and 7.0 at the same time and started switching back and forth trying to see what the differences in some settings were. Then I noticed that I had previously saved some controller configurations in v6.1 (in addition to the default PPM.xml).

So just to clarify my procedures: I went into Heli-X 7.0 and loaded the default file C:\HeliX7.0\controllers\PPM.xml. (i had already tried this). Still not working.

But then, I navigated to the Heli-X 6.1 folder and loaded the controller config file that were saved in v6.1 into Heli-X v7.0; i.e. "C:\HeliX6.1\controllers\KyleCustomControllerSetti ngs1.xml".

This worked!

So to recap: essentially, if you save the controller config from v6.1 and load it into v7.0, it works.

Yay, thanks for the help ya'll!

Originally Posted by drparker151 View Post
Have you tried running Joy.cpl? type joy.cpl at a command prompt. I use the wireless WS1000 adapter so not much else I can add.
FYI, this "joy.cpl" thing at the command line is the same thing as "windows settings> devices and printers> ppm to USB>properties>test" which was tried before, and it has always worked fine/recognized inputs on this screen.
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