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Default Need some help with this one...

So about a week ago I was out flying my 330X in Idle Up 2. I was about 20 feet up and out of the blue the heli started to cant to the left without any input from me. In a panic I hit throttle hold thinking it would come down over the grass but of course it landed on the small paved walkway near my field and smashed down hard.

Damaged parts included feathering spindle, main blades, main gear, canopy, canopy post.

To be safe, I replaced nearly the entire head assembly including the main shaft.

I got it back up and running and last night I took it outside for a test hover. It flew perfectly stable in normal mode but once I switched into Idle up, it began having some very erratic tail movements. I wouldn't calling a wag, more of a dance. The tail didn't suffer any damage in the crash. I tested out around 3 different sets of brand new tail blades to rule out any tail blade imbalance. Again, the issue is only observed when in Idle up modes. All servos move freely and normally and I have zero pitch with a leveled swash plate. It has no shakes and no vibrations during spool up and spool down. I have set up a brand new model in my DX9 thinking maybe something went haywire but I am out of ideas.

Could it be a bad FBL?
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