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I think I knew there was a 16t lynx shaft but wondered about the diameter being bigger than the 250 therefore bigger than the tail drive pulley. At that point in project I didn't know if ANY of it was going to work let alone getting into pulley ratios/tail speed changes. This was before I knew I could use O2 tail grips and was wondering how the 180 blades were going to work. Too fast? Too small? Using stock 250 pulley kept it 1:1..which in itself was a unknown. Also, is the O2 shaft the same length as the Lynx 180 shaft? Probably. Trying it would def be worth a shot. It isn't hard, especially if done a coupla times, but being faced with having to fabricate another custom replacement tail shaft after even a minor crash kinda steps on motivation to fly it. It's a awesome mod, works great, but it's also kinda like having a 'glass tail'.
Tail boom needed to be lengthened about a 1/4". When enough tension is put on belt the very front end of stock tube BARELY fits in forward most part of tail boom mount. This fabrication is initially worse than tail as I had to find tube stock that would fit into stock 250 boom. I ended up with oversized tube chocked in a drill with sandpaper under kitchen sink for at least a hour to turn down to proper diameter to just slip into 250 boom. Then add a small piece of scrap stock tail boom to match O.D. Only saving grace here is that if you get a good length of tube the right dia it will last for a few tubes as you only need a inch or so for lengthening of custom 250 tube. The other plus of this is that having the tube inside the tail boom where it mounts adds rigidity. I use the metal tail boom mount and in combination with the stiffer boom tube end I don't have to wrap end of boom with tape to keep it from wandering in mount, loosening up belt anymore. So far anyway. I have VERY little flight time on this mod as early test flights revealed weird pitch issues. Like pitch is dead at center stick. I have slop in head and have new swash I'll be trying soon.

But my T-lynx 250 tail is rock solid. 😎
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